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Belt Openers

Textro Doors
LiftMaster 84505R
1/2 HP motor is purposefully designed for homeowners and built to last. Ultra-quiet belt drive system offers maintenance-free performance.
Textro Doors
LiftMaster 87504-267
¾ HP Motor offers secure video monitoring – Begins recording 1080P HD video when motion is detected – even at night – and allows for 2-way audio. Timer-to-Close – Can be programmed to close the door after a set amount of time.
Textro Doors
Liftmaster 84504R
Integrated MyQ Wi-fi Technology enables secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener with any smart device. Integrated battery backup system – allows 24/7 access during power outages.

Chain Openers

Textro Doors
LiftMaster 83650-267
1/2 HP motor with industrial-strength chain drive provides steady performance and lifting power. Wi-fi connectivity provides secure operation from anywhere in the world.
Textro Doors
LiftMaster 85870
¾ HP Motor Chain Drive is built to provide maximum power to lift the heaviest doors including solid wood and full-view. Auto-lock capable ensures the door always stays locked and protected.
Textro Doors
LiftMaster 87802
Heavy duty DC motor offers ample lifting power. Motion detected 360° Halo LED light shines 2,000 lumens across the entire garage. Integrated Battery Backup.

Side Mount Opener

Textro Doors
LiftMaster 98022
Specially designed for sectional doors with unique applications that don’t allow for a traditional garage door opener, such as garages with very low, cathedral or obstructed ceilings. Wall mounted motor frees overhead space for High-lift tracking or storage.

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